Monday, April 23, 2007

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Issue #2, Volume #8
Pornography, Is It Good For You?
Porn Star Will Clark talks about his life in the Pornography business with Dr. Charley Ferrer and Izzy Ruiz.
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50 Ways To Please Your Lover...
Super Model Bill Freda is adored and groped by all the women on the panel of "50 Ways To Please Your Lover" hosted by Dr. Charley Ferrer and Giovanna Castillo with writers Pamela Seres and Caridad
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Vampire, Romance & Sexual Freedom...
You've got to watch this segment! Dr. Charley Ferrer and Giovanna Castillo are bitten by real live vampires!
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Being Naughty, Writing Your Own Erotica...
Want to know how to write sexy hot erotica? Click on the more information and watch hot women talk about hot sexy men...
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Vagina Monologues...
PUSSY...CUNT...TWAT...BEAVER...BUSH...FISH... How many ways do you know how to call your vagina? Find out by logging onto Fruta Extraña TV
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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Crazyness is only in the eyes of the beholder

It is interesting how a lot of us love to critize the way things are but are not willing to get up off our asses and so something about it. It is interesting how we see a train wreck in the making but we do nothing about it until it happens and then tell everybody "I knew that would happen"
It's sad that mainstream media drain blood out of a rock on negativiy but never give no more than a blurp to a positive happening. Who is the blame for that? The same people who complains about mainstream media. If everyone didn't like what they see, read or hear in the media they should stop buying their product and go to another source for positive news maybe then mainstream media wouldn't pay so much attention on killing, raping and what have you!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Some Black Women are “Bitches and hoes”

I don’t understand what is all the fess about? Why would any black woman identify themselves with this terminology, “bitches and hoes” is beyond me. When I was in high school I asked one of my fellow student why did he call black women “bitches and hoes” and his responds was “They’re fucking everybody what else are they but bitches and hoes!” and ever since then I figured that if a woman, be her black, white, Hispanic or what have you, were having sex with different sex partners, (and children by different fathers), maybe they are “bitches and hoes” If a black woman is not doing all these things then what is the problem? Obviously she’s not a bitch and a hoe and she should just move on with her life. You see, people, as an artist I hate censorship and as an artist if I want to write about black women being “bitches and hoes” because they are acting like “bitches and hoes” that should be my right to free speech! Comprende?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

“You are in the Bronx. A White van is stopping in front of you.

Three European-Americans are getting out and they are offering you candy and being nice to you in the worst way...ACT!”

Do we shoot when we see the whites of their eyes or do we lie down with dogs in complacency? Harsh words, huh? I am so sick and tired of some white people seeing through black folk’s eyes and I’m sick and tired of some black (so-called) leaders following suit. We all know that racism is alive and well in America, (north and south). We need to move on to the bigger issue at hand like self-hatred and economic anemia and stop being side-tracked by stupid racial slurs that take us from what black folks’ issues that really need to be addressed; like homophobia and black on black crime!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Strange & Forbidden Fruits ? LGBTQ?

There are some black folks who disapprove of me using the Strange Fruit slang. They always ask me, "Do you know what strange fruit means?" and I always reply that yes, I do know what it meant and stood for in a song sung by Miss Billie Holliday but however in this day and age I changed it's meaning to "unusual black/Latino LGBTQ happenings" and it's my poetic license as a writer/creator/filmmaker/director. But it is strange to me how people don't like to change. I welcome change because it's the spice of life. Working 9-5 five days a week and sitting in front of a tv set after work then doing chores on Saturday and then sitting in front of a tv the rest of the day/or go to a movie and on Sunday you either stay in bed late/go to church and then spend the rest of the day in front of a TV set; is a death sentance to me. I need to be out there exploring life in all its forms be it straight or gay. That can be forbidden for a lot of people. I remember the 70's, it wasn't unusaual to go to a straight bar and pick up a straight guy who was horny and wanted to experience a blow job from a gay man and vice versa, it wasn't unusual for a gay man who was horny to go to a straight bar and pick up a woman and want to experience a blow job from her! I've done it that's why I'm strange & forbidden fruit!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Strange is the act of bare-backing

I had an interesting conversation with some friends last night about having un-protected sex. I am 55 years old and have never used a condom…(is it a black/Latino thing or machismo?), in these times of AIDS and HIV people are still playing Russian Roulette with the disease and I am guilty of it! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not out there sucking dick or giving up ass every chance I get; (but I sure would like to, to some hairy ape), but I have on occasion fooled around with total strangers, not asking them for their HIV status, not using condoms and sharing sexual fluid. Should I be locked away? Should anybody so irresponsible be locked away from society?
“I don’t feel sorry for him at all! He got the disease! He knew what was out there!” lamented one of my friends. I lost a friend a couple of years ago when I repeated these same sentiments and was accused of being cold hearted and uncompassionate. How do you change one’s behavior? Why do I have unprotected sex with strangers? Is it I am so hard up that I’m happy to get sex when I can? Am I self-loathing? Is it t hat the guy is so hung, GL and hairy that I am put into a spell of irresponsiblity? Who Knows?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Censorship is alive and well in mainstream Media of America

Just want to say how ridiculous our society is. The mainstream media rules our lives.
They make a decision on what and how America is supposed to think or flavor of the day. IE racism vs. Don Imus; blacks like Al (pimp) Sharpton & Jessie (wannabe Jesus) Jackson get into this war of words on racism when they should be out there preaching to blacks about standing on their own two feet and stop looking for the white man (master federal government) to continue taking care of them. Blacks should be more concern about getting a good education, creating a black block of corporation, control means of production; making the big bucks then rule the population with its products and man power. We will be in control of our destiny not welfare and the federal government…

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

YouTube Censored Strange Fruits

Its not true anymore about you can broadcast anything
on YOUTUBE. Three of Strange Fruits video have been
rejected and censored off the famous website YOUTUBE.
These same videos have been played all over
Europe’s mainstream television network as
bloopers. Why is America so hung up on Sex but yet it
is okay to show someone's head being cut off or people
being blown to death. When is America going to stop
being hypocritical about their lifestyle and own up to
the fact that no matter how puritan they portray
themselves in the media they still are sexually
dysfunctional behind close doors.
If I had a nickel for every guy I went to bed with who
claimed to be straight I would be a millionaire!