Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Miss Bebe Revnge

It’s been two years since the death of Bebe Montana Jackson’s husband. Since her moved to Greenwich, Connecticut she has been a shut-in fearing the ghost of Miss Brandy Alexander. Nights of twist and turning in her bed filled with nightmares of the devil’s sword ready to strike her down. All this aggravation changed her from a beautiful voluptuous drag queen to a bitter dilapidated drag hag. No future for her, no hope, but a life filled with sexless, loveless, days and nights of misery.


Jake was the baby brother of her husband, a twenty-three year old cafe-au-lait man of 6’5” of muscular football built testosterone. Manliness oozes from his every pore. this smooth talker, smooth walker son-of-a-gun stood in the doorway of a one Miss Bebe Montana Jackson. What did he want? Once Bebe set eyes on his magnificent body she couldn’t care less after all she is an ole southern whore who haven’t had a man in two years, lol.