Sunday, June 10, 2007

The "Puerto Rican Day Parade, Remixed" exhibit reception story.......

Hi Folks,
For those of you whom I met and chatted with at the reception, hello again and let's stay in touch. Here's an e-zine article I've just written (with photos) about the "Puerto Rican Day Parade, Remixed" exhibit reception:

You can also see photos and read additional info on my FLICKR set: as well as in my
"Puerto Rican Day Parade, Remixed" FLICKR group:

I hope you enjoy your photos. Since I didn't know everyones names (in the captions), please send any I missed by email or as a FLICKR comment. If you'd like to get your own JPG of an image just drop me an email. Your comments and suggestions will be welcome! Happy Puerto Rican Day Parade to everyone! Que viva Puerto Rico!!!!!

forwarded by Daniel Delvalle

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