Thursday, June 7, 2007

Puerto Rican Day Parade Remix.

The place was packed to the walls with people and the atmosphere was warm and friendly . Interesting characters moving about conversing and chatting while viewing a variety of works. Some of the artist submitted interesting works on paper , colorful computer graphics, sculpture, two installations; which included a beautiful young women dressed in a provocative multi-colored mermaid outfit. All in all she was fun eye candy for some and don't think she will be around after the opening. They'll probably place a mannequin for the duration of exhibit. ha ha ha!
Photographers were clicking many pictures as well as video coverage, the process was a bit long as I was the last person interviewed. I didn't get out til 10:00pm. but enjoyed the experience. Spoke briefly to art historian Yasmin Ramirez who was co-curator of exhibit. She was real sweet
while making the rounds to other artist and guests. I sensed she was a bit overwhelmed with the large turnout but also excited and thrilled. Poet Bobby Gonzalez, former Puerto Rican political prisoner Dylcia Pagan, and Gail Nathan, director of Bronx River Arts Center
were in attendance. I exchanged info with several artist , a photographer and hopefully will receive photos of event via e-mail.

Check out OP-ARTS web-site. They are a collective group of artist that produce a diverse and eclectic range of talent and they have a real cool web-site. Hopefully in the future they may be able to showcase their talents at The Bronx River Art Gallery.

Adios - Daniel Delvalle

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