Sunday, May 20, 2007

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Charles Rice-Gonzalez

i just love andy gibbby Charles Rice Gonzᬥzdirected by Jorge B. Merced
Roy is a dark-skinned teenager in1978 and Carlos is a forty-something Papi in 2007. Their unlikely meeting is a hiccup in time brought on by a shared fascination with youth, men and pop culture. Can coincidence help these two Bronx Latinos find their footing in time and desire?
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Our menu is a mouthwatering compendium of some of the best recipes from Cuba. Many of these are family recipes that have traveled from one generation to another and which our family and friends have saved with great zeal and devotion. All of our meals are prepared daily using only the finest, freshest ingredients.
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Get In Shape With Izzy
STARTING A WORKOUT PROGRAM?... a) Set small realistic goals b) Celebrate the small successes c) Plan your schedule in advance- when you?re going to workout- what you?re going to do when you get to the gymd) Confidence is important- make sure the gym is close to work or home
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For the second year in a row, the Bronx Community Pride Center (BCPC) and the Bronx Pride Committee (BPC) officially announces the Bronx LGBT Pride Festival, which will take place on June 16, 2007 from 12pm-8pm, at Barretto Point Park in the Bronx.
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Boogie Down Dance @BAAD!
Arthur Aviles Typical Theatre presents EAR TO GROUNDArthur Aviles Typical Theatre, a Bronx-based contemporary dance company, culminates 10th anniversary season with the premiere of EAR TO GROUND FANTASIA: THINKING NATURE a full evening piece that looks at the foundations upon which cultures and ideas are formed, and the landscapes upon which an artist creates work in a transforming world. The company is led by the award-winning New York Rican choreographer Arthur Aviles and the piece includes a soundscape by Alberto Denis, video work by Damon White and costumes by Liz Prince.
Ari Gold in the Bronx
Will be performing in an exclusive Fruta Extran TV segment
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