Thursday, May 31, 2007

“I wish there were personal stories of Arab lesbian women like me”

How many times have you told yourself:
“I wish there were personal stories of Arab lesbian women like me”

No doubt that if there were such a book, you would be among the first women to get hold of it.
We in Aswat share this feeling with you.
We believe it is very important to create such a collection for you. That is why we want our next book to be a collection of personal stories written by Arab lesbian women
What do you think about helping us create this book and helping other women who share your hesitations and doubts to be inspired by yours and other women’s stories?
Maybe you wanted to help the Arab lesbian community in the past but you didn’t want to reveal your identity.Now you can help without being revealed.Do you want to help us in making this dream come true?
Do you want to write your personal story?
In your story you can write about:
The processHow did you know you where a lesbian?When did you know for the first time?How did you feel about your sexual orientation? And why?How did your community react to it?Who was the first person you revealed your orientation to and how did s/he react?What was your family’s role?What was your friends’ role?Who helped you?To whom did you turn for help?How do you feel today about your orientation?Where do you live today and why?What are your dreams and hopes for the future?
These topics are only suggestions, feel free to write in your own style and about what matters to you.
If you feel your writing skills are weak or that you would rather write in a different language, feel free as our staff will be happy to translate or edit your writing.
Write your story because it is important!
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