Saturday, March 7, 2009

WANTED: ACTORS, Spanish speaking (fluent)

The production house of "Las Comadres con Gloria B", MapiTV, is looking for ACTORS, Spanish speaking (fluent) and non-union, for their film project titled "El arte de amar" written by Mapi Montero & ChuySánchez, to be directed by Jorge Merced. The film is scheduled to shoot in June/July of 2009.


Magdalena, 40-50, Dominican, religious, caring mother.
Rafael, 40-50, Dominican, caring father, homophobic.
Jesús, 17-23, Dominican, obedient son, in the closet about his sexual orientation.
Minerva, 15-18, Dominican, vivacious daughter, loves her family.
Padre, 50-70, Any Latino ethnicity, experienced Catholic priest.
Juan, 25-35, Any Latino ethnicity, financial analyst, successful, educated, preppy, boyfriend of Gabriel.
Gabriel, 25-35, Mexican, painter, free spirit, boyfriend of Juan.
Pepe, 20-30, Mexican, factory worker, humble, family man.
Lucha, 20-30, Mexican, housewife, hard worker, intelligent.
Poncho, 40-60, Mexican, factory worker, funny.
Mari Lucha, 40-60, Mexican, factory worker, responsible.
Ponchito, 13-16, Mexican, bright student, curious.
Fabiola, 25-35, Argentinian, trans woman, sweet, survivor.
Connie, 30-40, Any Latino ethnicity, businesswoman, generous.
Joven, 15-20, thug, ignorant.
Cherrie, 30-45, Puerto Rican, caring, passionate, engaged to Gloria.
Gloria, 30-45, Colombian, university professor, engaged to Cherrie.
Ines, 50-70, Colombian, mother, spicy, wise.

Auditions will take place on Sunday, March 15 from 12-5pm at:

Casa Puebla
2710 Broadway, 2nd Floor (on the corner of 104th)
New York, NY 10025

Please bring headshot/resume. Sides will be provided at the time of audition.

If you are unable to attend the audition, but want to be considered, please send headshot/resume to:

Estudios Mapitv Entertainment Group Inc.
Attn: Chuy Sánchez
500 Belleville TurnPike
North Arlington, NJ 07031

or by email to

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