Sunday, November 25, 2007


Recent informatin shows declining infections, but for men under 30 in Chelsea and Harlem, infection rates are still a serious issue. I am writing an article for Chelsea Now newspaper on World AIDS Day, and would love to speak to men who live in New York on this subject. I am interested in hearing answers to the following questions:

1. First name

2. Age

3. Is AIDS less of an issue now that people are living longer with the drug?

4. For men under 30, who do not remember the way the community suffered massive losses in the 80's and early 90's, does concern about prevention impact your daily lives?

5. Do you think people view AIDS as a disease that you can easily live with if well-medicated, like diabetes, or do people still view it as dangerous and deadly?

6. Have you noticed a decrease or increase in safer sex practices among your friends and peers?

I can be reached via email or phone

Rachel Breitman 917-992-9848

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