Friday, August 24, 2007

2 Strange Fruits TV cast members passed away

Roger A. McCarthy was the youngest son of Coraline McCarthy and the Late Anthony Grimes.

He was born in St. Michael, Barbados.
He resided in the Bronx for the better part of his life after moving from Maryland.

He is a college graduate with a degree in Gerontology (Care of the aged) thus why he spend most of his time helping and caring for others – Among his many accomplishments Roger enjoyed traveling, cooking, shopping, entertaining and spending quality time with friends and family.

He was active with various organizations volunteering at GMHC, Callen-Loarde Community Center, GMOB and participated in many Bronx cultural activities and events sponsored by The Point, BADD, Frutas- Extaña and Strange Fruits.
Roger will be missed by the many friends, families and people whom he touched and have shared and spent time with.

Eugene Compson, director of the senior dance grupe, Jazzy Randolph Dancers, was part of three scenes in the latest Strange Fruits Episodes as an extrana at "Beebe's Garden Party".

Also "Eugene Compson is a incredible dancer, choreographer, writer and uncle. His life
experience has been expressed in his dancing.
Naoko has seen many dance companies and worked for the theater company as a composer and performer. But Eugene was the first dancer inspired her to write a song for him which is no.8”Revolution”. Eugene used this song for his solo piece to contribute to his mother. "

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